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Gemeinde Hattenhofen
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A quick tour through Hattenhofen

Historical background

Rathaus mit evangelischer Kirche

The oldest written documentation of the existence of Hattenhofen dates back to 1275 AD. The actual foundation of the town was much earlier. Its name leads to an Alemanni tribe with the name of Hatten or Hatto, which founded the town about 260 AD.

Hattenhofen today

Presently the town has about 3000 residents. Special focus is put on the landmark traditional appearance with its restaurated half-timbered houses. The countryside structure will be maintained in the future. These were among the main factors for Hattenhofen winning a Gold Medal in the nationwide competition "Unser Dorf soll schöner werden" (Our town shall become more beautiful) in 1985

Protecting the environment for the good of the citizens

Klärteich beim Schützenhaus

A lot of emphasis is put towards the protection of the environment and the quality of living. The efforts of conservation and care of the environment should lead to a more natural and healthy environment, and therefore create better living conditions for our citizens. In the past 25 years various habitats for plants and animals have been created und maintained, as part of a plan to cross-link biotopes. Some of these habitats are marsh areas where endangered species found a new home. The residents have and take the opportunity to actively participate in these projects, which include planting fruit-trees, hedges and bushes. Various paved trails invite you to observe and experience the nature while taking walks, hiking, or riding your bicycle. In the town extensive green areas and beautiful gardens create a pleasant atmosphere. There are two biological reserves within the 783-hectare area that belongs to Hattenhofen - the Butzbachtal and the Schlierbachtal.


Our fountain - the Sauerbrunnen

Out of our fountain springs healing water. Up until only 50 years ago the residents used it as the daily drinking water. Even today many residents prefer it to regular mineral water. Technically spoken it is a hydrogen-carbonate-acidulous mineral water. Chemical analyses prove the high quality of this drinking water

Our local businesses and public facilities await your visit

Most of your daily needs are met in right in town. You will find several stores, two bank branches, Kreissparkasse and Volksbank, a Post Office, a pharmacy, a doctor, an internist, and a dentist.

Child friendly Hattenhofen


Hattenhofen has a Kindergarten with 6 groups; the facilities include an outside playground. Since the enlargement a few years ago, there is a place for every child in town in the Kindergarten. Hattenhofen also facilitates a combined elementary and secondary school. There are five playgrounds as well as outdoor sport facilities spread over the town. During the summer break the town's student summer program sports various interesting activities for six weeks.

Working in Hattenhofen

Our capable craft and industrial areas offer about 600 jobs. Many of the working residents also commute to Goeppingen, Kirchheim or to the area around Stuttgart.


There are direct bus lines to Goeppingen, Zell, Boll and Weilheim. You can reach any town within the county with just one ticket. The next train station is in Goeppingen, from where you can reach any larger city in the region and in Germany, including Stuttgart, Ulm, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. The freeway Autobahn A8, which takes you to Ulm and Munich going southeast, and Stuttgart and Karlsruhe going northwest, is only 3 km away, a 5 minute drive, at the Aichelberg exit.


 There are both Protestant and Catholic Churches in town. The Protestant rectory can be found at Im Hoefle 10 in Hattenhofen, and be reached via phone at 07164/2251. The Catholic Church is administered through the rectory in Goeppingen-Bezgenriet, Gleiwitzer Str. 12, and phone 07161/140004. You will also find the New Apostle Church in Hattenhofen, phone 07164/12513

Bürgerhaus Farrenstall


Hattenhofen features several very active associations. The variety of options for you reaches from culture, music, singing, and all kinds of sports to active participation in protecting the environment. The local adult education center and the Protestant Church offer interesting classes and events all year long. The various local associations and sport clubs use the Sillerhalle gymnasium, the outdoor modern outdoor sport facilities, the foyer of the school, and the renovated Farrenstall building for events and sport activities.



Our lively town doesn't fall short on celebrating. We sport an annual street fest, and a bi-yearly town fest. The associations in town also celebrate various traditional festivities every year.


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